My specialty: Concert Photography

Skilled to deal with low lighting, fast movements, navigating through the crowd, being unobtrusive especially during quiet songs, I dedicate most of my time & talent to concert photography.

Here you will see photographs I captured during live performances of musicians I respect and admire. 

Can you hear the music?


The language from the inside out.

Every person is unique in her/his own way. 

I am fascinated by the authentic personality of each human being.
Having someone open up in front of my camera is one of the most beautiful experiences for me as a person and as a photographer.

Navigate yourself through my portfolio & have a look at all the different photographs I have been taking  indoor & outdoor with studio & natural lighting.

Hope to photograph YOU very soon.



Festivals, “a day or period of celebration, typically for religious reasons”

Festivals, turned out to be the Mekka to my photography. These are the places I improved my skills and built great connections with the artists, audience, team, organizers & also learned to shape moments through photographs.

In this gallery you will see,  
photographs highlighted by the expressions of the artists, audience & lights.
Depending on the festival you will get to see not just concerts, but also sponsorship photographs, sports and other cultural activities.

This gallery should be a reminder for everyone
to always keep connecting.