Music &
Portrait Photographer 

(Working in Switzerland/Worldwide)


Hi, my name is Fabjola Biraci. 
I am a music &
portrait photographer situated in Switzerland.

In my portfolio you get to see my fascination
for people, photography & music.

I started shooting people and music events in January 2019.
Photographing 56 concerts and 4 Festivals in one year,
I developed the skills in
quickly changing my camera settings,

overcome the low light conditions of a venue,
being discreet especially during quiet songs,
being fast at editing & connecting with people.

Shootings with people 
have helped me mature my understanding for us
as human beings & have motivated me to stay curious
and open minded in order to experience nothing else but magic.

The best part of my job is 
achieving my intentions
on making people feel seen,
respected &

I make use of my skills as a photographer
by mastering studio & natural lighting,
& applying my knowledge on color & composition.
But there wouldn’t be any great pictures
without the needed doses of empathy
& curiosity I bring into my work.

One of the main reasons, why I started this website &
why I started promoting my concert photographs on social media,
is my love & enthusiasm for live music
on a social and personal level.
I want to thrill the audience on attending
& experiencing as much live concerts & festivals as possible,
because I feel & believe that nothing can replace human connection
& the energy of a live show.

If you like my work 
you have the possibility
to set up & book your next shooting  with me
or you can choose to
 reach out to me
through the contact filling form or E-Mail.

I hope you get inspired here.


Fabjola Biraci








You want to know more & get in touch? 

Take your time to look through my work & if it appeals to you & your crew, get in touch to let me know how can I offer you the best service. 

I can’t wait to hear your Ideas.